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What is PayID?

When it comes to remembering banking details, like BSB and account numbers, most people simply can’t. But a PayID makes payments super simple.

A PayID is something easy to remember-such as your mobile phone number or email address-that you create with us to be linked to your chosen account. Then, when someone needs to pay you, you simply give them your PayID instead of your BSB and account number.

The New Payments Platform is a centralised platform that facilitates real-time clearing and settlements of payments between participating Australian financial institutions.

We are one of over 60 Australian financial institutions connected to the New Payments Platform. It’s a faster, simpler and smarter way to move money in Australia.

What is Osko®?

Osko® is a new way to pay with our online banking that’s as fast as cash-without the hassle of cash. Whether you’re paying a tradie, splitting a bill with friends or giving money to family for something urgent-the money will be there in less than a minute.

What’s not to love about Osko®?

  • Faster payments across over 60 institutions-and more to come
  • Available all day, every day-even weekends
  • You can use a PayID to pay and get paid with something simple like a registered mobile, email or ABN. Or you can still use a BSB & Account no.
  • It’s backed by BPAY and us, so it’s very secure
  • You can use 280 characters of text to describe who’s getting paid and why

It’s more important than ever to keep your contact details up to date with us. To update your details, simply call us on 1300 72 44 33 or you can update your details in Internet Banking.


It’s a brand New Payment Platform that will allow Australians to transfer money from one account to another much more quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thirteen of Australia’s leading financial institutions, including our payments provider Cuscal, the Reserve Bank of Australia and the big four banks, have joined forces as the NPP Australia (NPPA) to fund, build and govern the New Payments Platform.

The New Payments Platform is safe and secure as it is certified to the highest data security standards and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also has very high security standards and capabilities that must be met by all connecting participants who are required to be regulated Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions.

Australian banks have some of the more sophisticated fraud detection methods and technology and fraud levels in Australia are very low. After consultation with countries where real-time payments are in place, we will be adding extra fraud detection methods and collaborating with Australian financial institutions and law enforcement agencies when the New Payments Platform goes live.

Osko® by BPAY is a service built on the New Payments Platform. It will allow people to send and receive real-time payments to or from friends, businesses and the government using a BSB and account number or a PayID linked to their bank account.

It’s a smart address for payments, created by linking a bank account to a recognisable and memorable piece of information used in everyday life, such as an email address or phone number. While the PayID can only link to one bank account at a time, accounts can have more than one PayID. A PayID can be a phone number, email address, ABN number or ‘organisation ID’ such as a company name. A PayID provides greater convenience and peace of mind as a customer no longer has to disclose their BSB and account number to receive payments.


If you have any questions, please contact us.