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Credit Unions, Building Societies and Mutual Banks are bound by the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice. The Code has been developed in close consultation with the community, government, consumer groups and our members.

We are focused on providing real value to our members through competitive interest rates, personalised service and a fee structure that is based on mutual support as Credit Unions and mutual building societies are owned by our members.

Just like a bank, we are a regulated financial institution which is required to comply with:

  • Responsible financial management requirements (under the Banking Act 1959, regulated by APRA)
  • Corporate and financial services’ licensing, advice and training and disclosure regulation (under the Corporations Act 2001 regulated by ASIC)
  • Consumer credit laws
  • Privacy, fair trading and other Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation

We also choose to subscribe to the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice as a public expression of our moral promise to members to uphold the fundamental principles of mutuality, transparency and fairness.

Our 7 Key Promises to You

  • We will deliver banking services in the interests of our customers
  • We will obey the law
  • We will not mislead or deceive
  • We will act honestly and fairly
  • We will offer products and services that are fit for general purpose
  • We will deliver services with reasonable care and skill
  • We will contribute to our community