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Warwick Credit Union Ltd has become a very successful community owned financial institution with an excellent reputation throughout the Credit Union industry and the local region.

Warwick Credit Union was formed back in 1970 to provide a financial service which would benefit the average person and retain money in, and for the benefit of the community. This focus on the individual has been key to our success.

Warwick Credit Union was founded and directed by men and women who were part of the close-knit community of the Warwick district, and who believed in the initial philosophy of helping others, putting the best interests of the member first.

Supporting local towns and communities is an integral part of Warwick Credit Union's philosophy. Our branch network developed from commencement in Warwick itself in 1973 expanding to Killarney in 1983, Allora in 1992, Inglewood in 2002 (replacing our 10 year old agency),Dalby in 2006 and Gympie in 2019.

The philosophy of the Warwick Credit Union has not changed since its formation - members are the reason for the existence of the Credit Union.

10,000 members, over 40 employees, over $250 million in assets contribute to our continued success, assisting members and the local community in achieving goals and building a sound financial future.

The Credit Union Story

Throughout Australia there are less than 100 different Credit Unions collectively holding more than $40.0 billion in assets, and providing community banking services to more than 3.5 million Australians.

Credit Unions are different to banks or other financial institutions in that on joining a Credit Union, you become a member which means you become part owner of the Credit Union and are entitled to a say in the running of your Credit Union. You have the right to vote at Annual General Meetings and participate in election of the Board of Directors.

Unlike the banks, the Credit Union makes decisions to benefit our members, profits are returned to members, as opposed to payment of dividends to shareholders.

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